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Alex De Luca is an actor/director, who took the leap into full time acting in May of 2014. Since then he has consistently worked in film, TV and theatre on many productions. Alex fell in love with the idea of being an actor when he was a young man, after watching Kenneth Branagh perform in Hamlet. In his efforts to become an actor, he studied drama in Doncaster and London, but on completion of these studies he still felt wanting. So he went to 'The Actors Space' just outside Barcelona to hone his skills and continue learning his craft. He became very involved with the Jaques Lecoq method of acting while at the ‘Actors Space’, which is where actors are encouraged to investigate ways of performance that suit them best. This training is aimed at nurturing the creativity of the performer, as opposed to giving them a codified set of skills. This is accomplished by never telling the actors how to do what is supposedly “right”, and by encouraging the actors to keep trying new avenues of creative expression!

Prior to being an actor, Alex was in the Royal Air Force, and during this time he became involved in organising massive outdoor events, which included theatrical productions and Air Shows. This tested Alex’s organisational skills to their full, and although he wasn’t aware of it at the time, by organising these events he was helping to prepare himself for a career in producing and directing in all forms of entertainment media. Since leaving the Royal Air Force, Alex has directed and produced many small theatrical and film projects, which were more about learning his craft than about money, or distribution, but in September 2015 he got his first big break in production. He was asked to be assistant director on the epic film 'Whiteblade', where his efforts during filming were noticed by other industry professionals, and through this he has been offered the position of Producer/assistant director on the fantasy feature film 'Dreamfinder', and assistant director for Jorvik Films feature length production of 'Macbeth', and assistant director on the very exciting new adaptation of the classic tale ‘Wuthering Heights’. All of these films are currently in pre-production!

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