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“ How dreary life gets over in that house!’ I reflected, while riding down the road. ‘What a realisation of something more romantic than a fairy tale it would have been for Mrs. Linton Heathcliff, had she and I struck up an attachment, as her good nurse desired, and migrated together into the stirring atmosphere of the town!"

Edward is a London actor and theatre producer. His career on the London stage has recently culminated with his 5* acclaimed portrayal of King Edward in Scena Mundi's "Edward II" in the C12th London landmark St.Bartholomew the Great, EC1A, and will be followed by another stunning lead role in mid-2016. After two years with classical "theatre powerhouse" Scena Mundi Edward has stepped up to become the company producer, driving the company forward with a creative vision alongside the Artistic Director.


Film credits include teacher Mr.Erickson in Terry Jones' "Absolutely Anything" alongside Simon Pegg and Eddie Izzard and a Finch in Mike Newell's "Great Expectations". Yet Edward's most challenging role to date has been playing the main protagonist, author Jason Hill, in upcoming Indie horror "The Legend of the Mad Axeman" with complex shots and fast-paced stunts. 

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