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Alex De Luca is an actor, who took the leap into full time acting in May of 2014. Since then he has consistently worked in film, TV and theatre on many productions. Alex fell in love with the idea of being an actor when he was a young man, after watching Kenneth Branagh perform in Hamlet. In his efforts to become an actor, he studied drama in Doncaster, but on completion of these studies he still felt wanting. So he went to 'The Actors Space' just outside Barcelona to continue learning his craft, and to study the Jaques Lecoq method of acting. Since then Alex has also added directing to his repertoire, where he has directed many small projects, but in September 2015 he got his first big break in production. He was assistant director on the epic feature film 'Whiteblade' where he also got the opportunity to direct a few of the scenes. His efforts were noticed by other industry professionals, and because of this he has just landed the role of AD on the films 'Dreamfinder' and 'Macbeth'.

“Nelly Dean,I can’t hel p fancying there’s an extra cause for this. What has there been to do at the Grange? We’ve odd reports up here. A stout, hearty lass like Catherine does not fall ill for a trifle; and that sort of people should not either. It’s hard work bringing them through fevers, and such things. How did it begin?'

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