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Keith Johnson




Keith is a digital artist and photographer based in the North East of England.

He is passionate about photography and never ceases to be thrilled by the many journeys into the unknown, both literal and creative that his work affords him. Regardless of if he is shooting a landscape or taking a portrait, creating an image is more to him than just firing the shutter, it is a tool to create a narrative of emotion and atmosphere. In his portraiture work he always seeks to capture something of the character and essence of his subjects.

Essential in any assignment is building a relationship with the client based on trust and good communication, backed up by good planning and research. In all the work he undertakes he seeks to make the creative process a shared journey of collaboration between himself and the client.

He is currently working as sole Official Photographer for Wuthering Heights, working closely with the Director and Producers to obtain a truly unique and vivid look to the location and promotional shots that perfectly convey the intention and dynamic of the film. Keith will also be working on Three Hedgehog's forthcoming TV series ' Pestilence Lane', also directed by Elisaveta Abrahall.

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