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David has been performing as a singer and guitarist for 20 years, and has run a successful IT company for 10 years. It was in January 2014 when David realized his passion for performance translated well across to acting and since then has appeared in several commercials, TV appearances and also made appearances in various feature films and theatre shows. Since starting his journey, he has gone from strength to strength, making an impression with his naturalistic style of acting and loving every minute of it.

He now not only acts but also writes and produces, coming soon include a Sci Fi radio show, several web series, a fantasy feature film and more commercials. His passion for film and theatre is eclipsed only by his determination to be the best he can be, training with one of the best adult acting schools in Manchester Act Up North.

"Oh they come little Miss, but not if you tap three times.It's not a front door y'know.You may laugh grimly and look fearful.If the wind blows over the body before it's blessed the dead walk, and if anyone speaks ill on 'em before they're cold they walk 'an all."

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