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Born in the middle of Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, Sha’ori always had a flair for drama and coming from a theatrical family first trod the boards as a street urchin at the age of four. Throughout her childhood she remained fixed on becoming a professional actress by studying all the great literature she could get her hands on, learning combat and horse riding skills and also gleaning all she could from her mother who is a director. By the time she was ten she was regularly appearing in street theatre groups and youth theatre workshops and later took the role of Lady Anne (Richard III) in the ‘Shakespeare for Kids’ festival for young people. She has gone on to build a steady and respectable catalogue of work  in both film and theatre and continues to do so. Passionate about riding and performance arts she boasts a wide array of accents and is never happier than when investigating a person with a new one. A long time lover of Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw is cited as being her favourite literary character.

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