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“ She were always a stroppy mare, and mistress or not, if she were mine she might starve herself todeath wherever she chose!"

Gareth Brook recently began his acting career in mid-2015, being cast in the film “Whiteblade” as Wulfstan. 

Since then, he has started tutelage at the Jorvik Academy of Performing Arts, and regularly trains in stage combat at Ravenwolf Cinematic Combat where he is becoming more and more proficient in unarmed combat as well as with swords and spears.



He has secured roles in projects for 2016 including “Macbeth” playing MacDuff and a combat role in “Gladiator Wars”. Gareth comes from a militaristic background and is an avid Live Action Role Player.


He is thrilled to be part of an extremely talented cast in “Wuthering Heights”.


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