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‘Does she look as if she's waiting for you to save her? She's where she belongs and so are you, that's how they see it. They have all the power. You cannot win a fight such as this, go home.'

Aaron Liburd was born in Birmingham, 7th July 1989; During primary school, he loved acting in school performances and loved taking part in various roles. However, he didn't start seriously pursuing acting until the age of 21 where he joined a theatrical drama workshop where he worked on building his confidence being part of various theatrical productions and murder mystery nights, until he began branching out applying to student projects and being part of feature films as supporting cast and in two occasions, combat crew. He is very excited to be part of Wuthering Heights. In addition to acting and working; in his spare time, he enjoys his hobbies which include; combat classes, free running, writing, rollerblading and drawing or at local arts, Jazz and comedy events.

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