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Charles took up acting in 2012, having been very active in drama in his early years. In that 3 years he has had roles in 25 Feature, short, corporate films and commercials, and has recently voiced several commercial voice overs. Roles have been as wide ranging as psychopaths, a tramp, and the head of MI6. Recent films have included House of Screaming Death, Year of Spies, Boxed, Beneath Still Water and The Singing Bird Will Come. Charles is delighted to be playing the role of Rev Shielders in Wuthering Heights.

'Bursts the silver cord which had held them in their near connection. This rends the man in twain.This dismisses our soul whether willing or reluctant from its wanted abode. This renders the body a pale, cold, inactive, breathless corpse ; soon to be reduced to a forbidding, deformed, and offensive condition; This-but I forbear-Oh, how formidable is death!'

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