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Hilgrove Kenrick



With a deep love of music engendered by that most special of beasts, the enthusiastic music teacher, Hilgrove Kenrick started out in the school choir, progressing up to Head Chorister and ultimately Birmingham Cathedral choir.

His professional career started out with song writing alongside performing café jazz and function music in restaurants and bars, eventually leading to a chance to score his first film at 21. The itch was scratched, and performing went west in lieu of more composing to picture.

Now based in Worcestershire with periodic sojourns in Los Angeles, Hilgrove has composed music for a wide variety of films and two of the biggest current computer games franchises, Need for Speed: Shift (2009) and The Walking Dead: Assault (2012).

He co-wrote and produced two albums for established US artists and having released two singles, finished a solo album of piano improvisations which will launched in the autumn of 2013.

He has recently completed scores for 12 Monkeys, Suicide Club, The Unseen World:Crown of Thorns and The Bagley Boys.

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