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"Now mind that you be quiet sir. The Master permits no-one inside this room, and I'd hate a kindness tht I would do you to bring his wrath down upon my head."

A character actress and a native Midland girl, Sarah has appeared in a range of film and theatre performances. Current films include rom/com In A Year, to be released in Feb. 2016 and Hammer Horror-esque House of Screaming Death which is also due 2016. Sarah also has a very broad range of theatre from classics to new writing, including UK tours of House of Ghosts: An Inspector Morse play for Baroque Theatre Co. and Fanny Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility for Chapterhouse Theatre Co.. She will be performing in Jekyll and Hyde at the Cockpit Theatre at the beginning of 2016 playing Jekyll's long suffering fiancee Constance. Being a Brummie girl she has always keen supporter of Midlands Arts and Media and she is delighted to be a part of Wuthering Heights.

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