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Always a bookish child, Wuthering Heights is the first book that Elisaveta can remember reading on her own somewhere around the age of six. She was immedietely enraptured by the story and revisited it many times during her adolescence and adulthood and through all sorts of other projects it remained like a constant nag at the back of her mind until now when it finally demanded to be brought to life.

Educated in Soliihull and later at RADA, she has cultivated a career as an actress, writer and director as well as working as an agent for The Wintersmith Agency. 

She set up Three Hedgehogs Films, named after her family's coat of arms of three gold hedgehogs on a blue background in 2012 which specialise in historical films, and recently collaborated with the late Gordon Honeycombe on a screenplay for his novel Dragon Under the Hill, slated for production in early 2017.

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