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In the last 2 years Kevin has directed “enter the Cage” a high profile martial arts movie featuring a host of combat legends, ‘The Eleventh hour’ and award winning short drama which screened at the Cannes Film Festival, ‘Leviathan’ a feature length documentary about the making of ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘Hellraiser 2’ and numerous Television shows, music promo and commercials including Diet coke and Jack Daniels.

In 2003 Kevin set up Rotunda Films and in 2004 the company’s first feature ‘Lycanthropy’ went into production with him at the helm. Following its success he quickly stepped into his second feature as director ‘Idol of Evil’

With ‘Lycanthropy’ and ‘Idol’ released around the world on The Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Network Kevin turned his attention to Rotunda’s wider production projects, executive producing ‘Tied in Blood’ (directed by Matt Lawrence) and producing ‘Wasters’ (directed by Luke Rufo which won the Heart of England, Best Feature Film Award on its debut screening).

But he stepped back into the directing chair in 2012 to direct ‘Celestial Sisters: Planet of Destiony’ an amazing retro kitsch Sci Fi adventure due for release later this year

The experience, through both theatrical and commercial work has given Kevin a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the whole production process. This culminated in the Autumn of 2010 where Kevin held the position of both Associate Producer and Co-writer of Derren Brown’s ‘Science of Attraction’  series for Channel 4 and Objective Productions.

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